It’sall about the buyer.

B2B buyers follow a pretty consistent journey: pre-awareness, awareness, consideration, and decision. Throughout that journey, they’re not thinking about you or how amazing your product or service is. They’re thinking about their challenge or opportunity and how to solve it.


Overlaid on that process is your sales cycle. Call it a sales pipeline or a marketing funnel; the whole purpose of the activities within it is to help the buyer along the journey to maximize the chances that his or her decision will be you.


That’s increasingly tough to do, what with caller ID and ad blockers and spam laws and buyers who are much more empowered and have taken much more of the buying process into their own hands.


Whether you’re a CMO or CSO or CRO…Whether your focus is on lead generation or sales conversion or brand awareness…Whether your KPIs are MQLs or CACs or MRR (and always ROI)…At the end of the day, success has a pretty simple metric: Did you help the organization sell more?


At Castelazo Content, content is queen. We measure success in terms of MQLs and SALs, and yes CACs and MRR, and of course ROI. But just like you, at the end of the day the measure of our success is pretty simple: We help you sell more.


And despite the fact that some people out there like to make it sound really complicated, at the end of the day achieving success is pretty simple too: Get your buyers’ attention. Walk them through their journey from awareness to decision. Do everything you can to help them along their way so that when they get to decision, the answer is YOU.


So if you want to sell more today, you’ve got to find a way to engage with your buyers before they’re ready to pick up the phone. How? With content. If your buyer is 60% of the way through the buying process before he talks to your sales team, then for 60% of your sales cycle, content is your sales team.

Content has a role across the buyer’s journey & sales cycle:

buyers are people

And people like stories.

Ergo, effective content marketing is storytelling.

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