A true partner succeeds only when you do

Ultimately, success – your bottom line – is driven not by the proven sales & marketing strategies and tools we leverage to deliver the right content at the right time in your buyers’ journey. It’s driven by the people behind the strategies and tools.
    • We take very seriously our responsibility to deliver measurable results for our clients.
    • We write to the highest quality standard, whether we’re writing an email or a client deliverable.
    • As a company, we live and breathe the fact our clients are the reason we succeed.
    • We consider going above-and-beyond, when necessary, an obligation to the client.
    • We are open and honest in our communication (there’s no time for drama).
    • We are committed to our clients as long-term partners.
    • We are stubbornly attached to the fact that effective content marketing ALWAYS begins with strategy.
  • We’re really proud of the results our content has delivered for our clients.
    • We love (and we mean love) writing and research and, above all, learning.
    • We are each a unique combination of smart, scrappy, and quick-on-the-uptake. (Ask Staci her first-project story.)
    • We are not copywriters. (Rarely do we write copy. We develop content.)
    • We’re really smart storytellers who can understand your insights and then translate them for your target audience.
    • We run from drama like the plague (not the thespian kind; the totally-screw-with-productive-business kind).
    • We cannot let a misplaced apostrophe slide, whether it’s in a client deliverable or an internal email.
    • We’ve perfected the art of juggling knives while riding a unicycle. With our pants on fire.
    • We work independently. We don’t have anyone looking over our shoulders, and we think that’s awesome.
    • We’ve got bachelor’s degrees, a couple of master’s, and several PhDs from the school of hard knocks.
  • Several of us were journalists in a past life. (Read Robin’s take on why it’s a perfect fit.)

Meet Our People

Out-of-the-Box Thinkers, Armchair Technologists, Lovers of Learning, Passionate Storytellers

Molly Castelazo

Molly Castelazo

Chief Content Strategist

Molly is the team’s fearless leader, coach, guide, and editor-in-chief. For clients, Molly works her “magic” as both a brilliant brainstormer and effective executor. For the technology and marketing community, Molly serves in various leadership roles, including as Past President of the Business Marketing Association and committee co-chair for the Arizona Technology Council. Whenever she can, Molly loves to take the stage and speak about strategic content creation, including as an adjunct professor at ASU.

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Staci D'Aguanno

Staci D'Aguanno

Director of Client Relations

Staci is Castelazo Content’s Jane-of-all-Trades. She ensures that our clients are getting more than they expect, when they expect it. A gifted researcher, Staci is often the one who digs up the details of the story. She has also become a WordPress master and flipbook design guru. She just finished a two-year stint as the VP of Communications for the Phoenix chapter of the American Marketing Association.

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Robin Phillips

Robin Phillips

Director of Content Development

Robin creates engaging, impactful content that makes our clients shine. A lifelong picky wordsmith, Robin has been a writer, editor and content wrangler at magazines, newspapers and websites from Hawaii to Long Island. She ran the small business news desk at Businessweek, helped create BusinessJournalism.org at the Cronkite School, and has taught journalism as an adjunct professor. Robin tackles each day inspired by the power of people, passion and performance.

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Michaella Blake

Michaella Blake

Social Media Manager

Michaella manages social media for our clients. She is also a gifted researcher, and does much of the background research that enables her teammates to create the rich content they do.

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Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Writer/Editor Extraordinaire

Whether in a newsroom, on Capitol Hill or in a lodge somewhere in Africa, Jennifer knows how to deliver crisp, accurate, interesting content. After a decade at The Arizona Republic, where her positions included Page One Editor and News Editor, Jennifer jumped into the wild world of political communications and most recently worked on Capitol Hill. Jennifer has lost count of the op-eds and speeches she’s written, but that’s OK because today she’s learning to count in an entirely new language and time zone.

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Sound like the kind of people you’d love to have as part of your extended team? Then let’s talk!

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