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2 years ago
#AZTechCast sponsored by @azcommerce: #MarTech experts from @cmmarketing, @keomarketing & @botcoai joined @aztechcouncil to share the forward-thinking strategies & discuss the marketing technology structured for the digital age.

Watch the replay: https://t.co/uKKvDmkRwr https://t.co/MWKsXsSbR0
2 years ago
Join @aztechcouncil & @BusinessRadioX TODAY at 1pm for a LIVE roundtable with marketing experts from @botcoai, @cmmarketing & @keomarketing. Learn how the latest trends in marketing technology can transform your strategy. Sponsored by @azcommerce. https://t.co/ODmtul8XNE https://t.co/lQ3Wsrys1l
2 years ago
Join @aztechcouncil Oct 30 for a LIVE podcast with @keomarketing, @botcoai & @cmmarketing as they shed light on the innovative technologies, platforms and apps that are changing marketing as we know it. Sponsored by @azcommerce + #jdhinsights. https://t.co/ODmtulqyFc #AZTechCast https://t.co/kzb1BHb3LA

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