Q&A with Our Director of Client Relations

Staci D’Aguanno is Castelazo Content’s Jane-of-all-Trades. She ensures that our clients are getting more than they expect, when they expect it. A gifted researcher, Staci is often the one who digs up the details of the story. She has also become a WordPress master and flipbook design guru. She just finished a two-year stint as the VP of Communications for the Phoenix chapter of the American Marketing Association.


When you were 8, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A psychologist working with serial killers. I blame it on being raised by an attorney and a social worker; stories at the dinner table were odd, to say the least.

Now what do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be happy, working in a job that fulfills me – so hanging out where I am at Castelazo Content.

What is your proudest accomplishment to date?

Raising my girls to be happy, independent and strong-willed little people. They are already smarter than me so, at this point, all I can do is hope to keep up.

What gets you out of bed and in to work in the morning?

Because every day is interesting and I learn something new.

In 3 words…

How Staci describes herself: Organized, logical, determined
How Molly describes Staci: Resourceful, intuitive, independent
How Michaella describes Staci: Organized, driven, caring

How long have you worked for Castelazo Content?

Since 2010. How time flies!

What do you like best about working for Castelazo Content?

That I feel like a valued member of a team and I am getting to be part of the evolution of something amazing. And the fact that I live five minutes from the office.

What is the value you create for Castelazo Content, and for our clients?

As the Director of Client Relations, I am a reliable voice within the company for clients to turn to with questions. I respond quickly and efficiently to concerns, putting clients at ease. I manage projects so that clients receive their work in a timely manner while my teammates, hopefully, don’t feel overwhelmed. I also handle the billing (and getting paid is always important!).

How does your past experience help you in the work you do for Castelazo Content?

Before coming to work at Castelazo Content, I worked in social services and the non-profit sector. I worked with Alzheimer’s disease patients and their families; having experience working with people who are dealing with end-of-life issues and the slow deterioration and loss of loved ones made me a more caring, patient person. Plus, working for non-profits gave me a deep understanding of the importance of finding creative, innovative ways to do more with less.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Working at Castelazo Content managing multiple clients and helping Molly stay sane. (It’s a work in progress!)

Where do you see Castelazo Content in 5 years?

Having substantially grown our base of clients in the technology field who need great content at a reasonable cost.

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