How Emerging Market Mayhem Turns Up In Corporate America’s Earnings

This award-winning campaign was a lead conversion machine.

The Challenge

At the beginning of 2014, we set out a high-level editorial calendar for the year, articulating key themes for each quarter. Security was our focus in the third quarter. We recommended writing a white paper about data sovereignty laws and the data center. It was a subject that highlighted well the client’s competitive advantages; it was a topic on which their security subject matter expert, Bob Butler, was well versed; and most importantly, it aligned with conversations customers, prospects, and influencers were having. We had an opportunity to answer the questions that prospects and influencers were asking – and we took it.


The Strategy

Every quarter we collaborate with FiREapps to produce a research- and analysis-based white paper highlighting how corporations were impacted in the previous quarter by currency risk (which can erode companies’ revenue and earnings per share). The white paper makes a very clear statement of the problem that corporations turn to FiREapps to solve.

Because it is based on research and analysis and never explicitly sells FiREapps, the white paper is true value-added thought leadership content. Journalists eagerly await the white paper, and cover it in a range of ways. Prospective customers reading the white paper take away valuable, actionable insight – insight that brings the their problem into focus and implicitly positions FiREapps as the solution.

We work with FiREapps’ in-house marketing team and external PR firm to leverage the white paper in as many ways as possible to achieve our goals, with an eye to maximizing ROI (i.e., getting the most bang for the buck).


The Results

506% ROI generating leads

The emedia email marketing campaign (which sent the white paper teaser and download link to likely prospects) returned an ROI of 506%. Social media marketing engaged prospects and generated leads – posts about the white paper by FiREapps and its executives drove visits to the white paper download page. PR built awareness and influenced the influencers, and generated leads – in-depth coverage of the white paper in Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, and gtnews, plus broadcast media interviews with FiREapps CEO about the white paper (including on FOX Business) drove visits to the white paper download page.


1300% ROI converting leads to opportunities

The in-house email from individual sales reps to warm leads sharing the Forbes article How Emerging Market Mayhem Turns Up In Corporate America’s Earnings returned an ROI of 1300%.


Converting opportunities into clients

FiREapps’ sales representatives reported that when they led in to a call with the white paper findings, the call was much more likely to really engage the opportunity than without the white paper.




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