Integrated Sales & Marketing Campaign Converts Leads to Opportunities & Opportunities to Clients

This award-winning campaign delivered a 506% ROI for lead generation and a 1300% ROI for lead-to-opportunity conversion.




We measured success by ROI (506% for lead generation and 1300% for lead-to-opportunity conversion).

The white paper epitomizes thought leadership, and the results – Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, FOX Business – show how receptive influencers are to it.

We leveraged the white paper to the max: in a content syndication campaign; in a ghostwritten Forbes byline; in interviews with the Wall Street Journal, FOX Business, and Bloomberg; in a blog post; and in social media.

We used the content not only for lead generation but also to convert leads to opportunities and to help convert opportunities to clients.

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We deliver these kinds of results by walking your buyers through their journey


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