Lead Generation Machine Reaches Multiple Audience Groups

This integrated lead generation campaign generated 177 MQLs. The white paper was TechTarget's most downloaded asset 4 weeks running.




We took getting the most mileage out of our content to the next level: 2 versions of the white paper (each for a different audience), 3 blog posts (each targeted to one of the key decision-makers), an infographic, a SlideShare, and an article in a publication that would help us reach a new audience.

We aligned a hot-button issue for our audience (energy efficiency) with trending news (new standard) and value that the client delivered.

The white paper was TechTarget’s most downloaded asset in the data center space for 4 weeks running.

Altogether, the campaign generated 177 marketing qualified leads – people with titles such as VP of Critical Systems, Director of Enterprise Data Center Services, Director of Facilities Engineering, and Director of Mission Critical Technologies, among others.

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