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Blogging and social media with Castelazo Marketing Ltd. gives you a really robust system for: 1)generating leads; 2) converting those leads into customers or clients; and 3) offering a value-added to your current customers and clients that will generate repeat business and referrals.

Our integrated blog and social media communications service includes:

1) Writing and posting your blog two or three times per week (blogging twice a week is sufficient, but three times is really better if you have the budget for it); 2) Syndicating your blog on relevant blogs and websites (to reach a wider audience); 3) Posting comments on relevant blogs and websites (to drive traffic back to your blog site); and 4) Updating content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social media sites you’d like.

The value of a regular blog

A regular blog draws web traffic into your website (which is great for getting your message heard by a wider audience) and serves as a value-added for your clients because you’re publishing about the issues that are important to them. You could use a couple of blog posts as content for a monthly e-mail newsletter, which is just another way to keep people engaged, and to encourage your contacts to visit your site and read your blog. Having a ghostwriter allows you to leverage these benefits without making the time investment yourself.

The value of outreach

Reaching out online allows you to build your blog readership beyond people who would visit your site (people see your comments, click on the link back to your site and become regular visitors); it helps you promote your business to a wider audience (beyond those who would visit your site); and it boosts your site’s search engine rankings, which furthers the goal of reaching a wider audience. Again, having someone else write your blogs and write and coordinate your online outreach allows you to leverage these benefits without making the time investment yourself.

The role of your website

In order for the blogging and social media system to work best you’ll need a way to capture the contact info of your blog readers. The most common way to do that is to offer exclusive, premium content to website visitors who subscribe with you. (You could also offer a discount on your product or service to those who sign up with a valid email address and phone number.)

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