White Paper Writing

Effective white papers provide value to the reader. Actionable insight that helps make their lives better. As high-value assets, white papers make great lead generation and lead conversion tools.

The Result

To generate leads, you give the value-loaded white paper to anonymous prospects (e.g., website visitors) in exchange for their information. They get valuable, actionable information that makes their life better and implicitly positions you as the salve for their pain. For you, those anonymous prospects are now leads in your sales pipeline.

To convert leads into customers, make white papers an integral part of your lead nurturing program. Leverage what you’ve learned from prospects’ prior engagements with your content to deliver to them increasingly relevant, increasingly valuable content.

Why Castelazo Content

Of all the types of written content that you might leverage, white papers are the most complex. They’re the most in-depth. And readers expect them to provide the most value. But white papers must balance offering valuable, actionable insight to the reader and “selling” you. If it doesn’t offer valuable, actionable insight, or if it oversells you, it won’t attract readers. But if it doesn’t “sell” you implicitly, it’s not worth your effort. Achieving that balance is something we’re uniquely good at.

 The white paper development process

Let’s chat about how white papers might fit into your sales machine.

Representative samples of our white papers:

fireapps thumbnailThe Perfect Currency Storm

fireapps thumbnail2013 Corporate Earnings Currency Impact Report

wns logoArmed with knowledge: Gaining competitive advantage through knowledge processing outsourcing

Other white paper examples are available upon request.

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