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In addition to the content strategy, development, and marketing services we provide, primary to technology companies, we also do contract research. We take on 4-6 projects a year. Our most regular research clients are universities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Our research work has focused on economic development, public policy, government finance, and global trade.

Looking for an independent, highly regarded research team with best-in-the-business writing skills to hire on a contract basis? Let’s chat about how we might be able to help.

Representative samples of our contract research:

GCI logoSupporting Arizona Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency: An Analysis of Funding for Programs that Assist Low-Income Women in Arizona – and the Impact of those Programs
Castelazo Content was contracted by the Grand Canyon Institute to research and write this report for the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona. The most comprehensive Grand Canyon Institute report to-date, the 200-page report catalogues the programs that provide support for women’s economic self-sufficiency in Arizona and analyzes how funding for those programs changed over the 2007-2012 period.

AZTC thumbnailArizona Technology Workforce Study
Castelazo Content was contracted by the Seidman Research Institute to help prepare a seminal study on Arizona’s technology workforce. Our specific roles included 1) creating, conducting, and analyzing an electronic survey of nearly 300 of the state’s technology employers; 2) conducting and recording in-person interviews with key executives at Arizona’s technology firms; 3) writing key chapters in the final report; and 4) writing, design, and production management of the summary booklet.

Castelazo Content was contracted by Arizona State University and The Kearny Alliance to build and manage a website dedicated to promoting productive discussions about trade between the U.S. and China. The website launched in August 2010 and through 2013 (when Castelazo Content transferred the project) generated strong website traffic from visitors in both China and the United States, as well as media interest from such publications as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, China Daily, and Financial Times – who all use the site as an unbiased, fact-based resource on Sino-American economic relations.

AZ Town Hall logoArizona Town Hall
Castelazo Content was contracted by the Seidman Research Institute to help prepare the background report for the 95th Arizona Town Hall, on the topic of state governmental revenue. We conducted 24 in-depth in-person interviews with key stakeholders and summarized those interviews – along with some supplementary research – into two chapters, Prior Efforts to Implement Revenue Reform and Strategies for Implementing Comprehensive Revenue Reform.

wpcarey thumbnailInfrastructure Needs and Funding Alternatives for Arizona: 2008-2032
Castelazo Content was contracted to conduct primary and secondary research and write the sections on water and wastewater infrastructure for this study conducted for the Arizona Investment Council. Major stakeholders have called those sections “the best report on water infrastructure in the state’s history.

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