Case Study Writing

Use cases are generic case studies. Rather than tell a story about the benefits a particular client realized from your product or service, a use case explains how a lead might use your product or service to solve his or her own problem. An effective use case invites leads to think generally about how your product or service can solve their problem(s).

Case studies are stories that show prospective customers how you have helped a client overcome a challenge. These stories detail the challenge the client faces, the product or service you provided, and the result it generated. Effective case studies are written with all the elements of a good story – beginning/middle/end structure, characters, plot twists.

The Result

Use cases are effective for generating leads – bringing prospects into your sales pipeline – because they get prospects thinking about how your product or service could solve their problems. Case studies are effective for converting leads – turning leads into customers – because they prove the value that you have delivered to clients like them. Effective case studies show and tell, in the client’s words, how you can solve their problem.

Why Castelazo Content

Use cases and case studies are some of the most difficult types of content to write. Like all good content, they must not explicitly sell your product or service (only implicitly). But unlike a whitepaper or article or blog post, case studies and use cases are, in fact, about the benefits of your product or service. To be effective, they must be carefully crafted to maintain the focus on the client whose problem was solved by your product or service. If they do that, they can be incredibly effective sales enablement tools, reinforcing the messages coming from your sales team.

Let’s chat about how case studies and use cases might fit into your sales machine.

Representative samples of our case studies:

IO Use Case – High Performance Computing

IO Use Case – Software as a Service (SaaS) Hosting

fireapps thumbnailFiREapps Case Study – FiREapps and SAP Tech Data Success Story

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