Blog Writing

Blog writing is all about engaging your prospects. Find the people whose problems your product or service resolves. Educate them about what you offer. Publishing blog posts on your own website develops your website into a magnet that attracts prospects into deeper engagement with your brand. Publishing a guest post on the blog of an influential individual or organization that your prospects are already reading delivers you straight to the people you’re trying to reach. And it adds credibility in the eyes of your prospects, who assume you’ve been vetted by the blog owner.

Your blog posts should serve to position your company as a thought leader and implicitly articulate your value proposition to your prospects. For existing customers, posts can serve as an added value because you’re publishing about the issues that are important to them. You could use a couple of blog posts as content for a monthly e-mail newsletter, which is just another way to keep people engaged, and to encourage your contacts to visit your site and read your blog.

The Result

One of the most important reasons to have a relevant, engaging blog on your website is to draw prospects into your site. Where they can then engage with your more sales-oriented content, and eventually enter your sales pipeline by giving you their contact information. When the blog truly adds value for the reader and when you’ve marketed it well through social media, it can be a powerful magnet drawing prospects to your site.

Why Castelazo Content

Consider the results we’ve delivered for one tech client: Visitors that come to the website through the blog spend five times longer on the website and view twice as many pages as visitors that come to the site from other sources. That’s powerful engagement.

Let’s chat about how blogs might fit into your sales machine.

Representative samples of our blog writing:

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