Article Writing

Writing articles is about going to where your prospects already are and engaging them there. Trade journals. Newspapers. Business magazines. Publishing content in the publications that your prospects are already reading delivers you straight to the people you’re trying to reach. And when the article is published in a well-regarded publication, it adds credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

The Results

Engage prospects. Online and in print, bylined articles help you reach your target audience where you know they are at. And then drive them toward your website and additional content there. You’re leveraging the platform that a publisher has worked very hard to build – and works hard to promote. For example, an article we ghostwrote for a client was published in Forbes as a guest column. To date, it has been read 26,235 times. That’s more than three times the regular columnist’s usual.

Convert leads into customers. Articles are also effective tools for moving prospects through the sales pipeline, and eventually, converting them into customers. For example, an email campaign to the client’s list of prospects highlighting that bylined Forbes article led to discovery calls, which led to deals. For an ROI Of 1300%.

Why Castelazo Content

Beyond the fact that we’ve demonstrated results like those highlighted above? Ghostwriting is a special skill. When we’re writing for established thought leaders, effective article ghostwriting is not just about being relevant and engaging for the audience. It’s not just about being accurate. It’s also about sounding like the thought leader. That’s critical, because if you don’t get that right, you come off as un-authentic. The number of writers who can accomplish all of that are few and far between.

Let’s chat about how articles might fit into your sales machine.

Representative samples of our bylined article writing:

fireapps thumbnailWhy Panic-Prone Emerging Markets Are Breaking Down In 2014

fireapps thumbnailThe Escalating Global Currency War: Don’t Get Caught in the Crossfire

Ÿ wpcarey thumbnailThe Future of Analytics: Testing Folklore and Intuition

wpcarey thumbnailAlumni Magazine

wpcarey thumbnailSpirit of Enterprise

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