Engage Prospects

prospect: noun – a person regarded as likely to succeed or as a potential customer, client, etc.

The first step in the sales process is to engage prospects. Find the people whose problems your product or service resolves. Educate them about what you offer. Engage them.

How do you do that? With relevant, engaging content.

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Social media – With social media, you’re going to where your prospects already are. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, SlideShare. But social media is not about publishing content. It’s about engaging in a dialogue with those prospects you’re trying to attract, and with the people who influence them.

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Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Articles – Go to where your prospects already are. Trade journals. Newspapers. Business magazines. Publishing content in the publications that your prospects are already reading delivers you straight to the people you’re trying to reach and gives you a head start in building trust – because you’ve been vetted by the publisher.

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Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Blogs – When you publish a guest post on the blog of an influential individual or organization, you’re achieving much the same benefits as with a published article. When you publish blog posts on your own website, you’re developing your website into a magnet that attracts prospects into deeper engagement with your brand.

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Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Videos – Content is queen, but not all content is written. Videos can be a powerful engagement tool when they give a face to your product or service. When you combine videos with written content, you give every prospect the ability to engage with you, no matter the method they prefer.

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The Result: Prospect engagement

Castelazo_logoMark_CMYK (1)74% organic increase in Twitter engagement + 46% organic increase in LinkedIn engagement

Castelazo_logoMark_CMYK (1)26,235 readers of Forbes guest column – three times the columnist’s usual

Castelazo_logoMark_CMYK (1)5x higher time on site and 2x higher pages viewed for website visitors that come through the blog

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