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In late 2013, as we prepared to rebrand Castelazo Marketing as Castelazo Content, we thought long and hard about how we do what we do. We strategize, develop, and market content – yes. We help our clients engage prospects, generate leads, and convert customers – yes. And we do those things better than most.

But what is it about Castelazo Content that makes us able to do what very few can do?

Our niche lies in being able to have a foot in our client’s world and a foot in their target’s world. And then translating our client’s value in a way that resonates with the target. There are some people who can communicate in the techy world of IT developers and engineers and scientists. There are plenty of people who can write sales copy that compels a target audience. But there are very few who can do both.

Very few who can get your message right. In a way that is relevant, engaging, and valuable for your prospects. That’s Castelazo Content.

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