Lead Generation

Lead:noun – a person or entity with the interest and authority to purchase a product or service

So you’ve found the people whose problems your product or service resolves. You’ve educated them about what you offer. You’ve engaged them. Now, the second step in the sales process is to turn those prospects into leads. Entice them with valuable, actionable content that they can use today to solve a problem. In exchange, you get their contact information.

How do you do that? With valuable, actionable content. Information that you’re uniquely equipped to provide.

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)White Papers – Effective white papers provide value to the reader. Actionable insight that helps make their lives better. As high-value assets, white papers make great lead generation and lead conversion tools.

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Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Case studies  – Case studies are stories that show leads how you have helped a client overcome a challenge. These stories detail the challenge the client faces, the product or service you provided, and the result it generated. Effective case studies are written with all the elements of a good story – plot twists, character, beginning/middle/end structure.

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Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Use Cases  – Use cases are generic case studies. Rather than tell a story about the benefits a particular client realized from your product or service, a use case explains how a lead might use your product or service to solve his or her own problem. An effective use case invites leads to think generally about how your product or service can solve their                        problem(s).

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Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Videos  – Case studies can be supplemented with video interviews of the client. That can make the client feel more real, more identifiable. Video interviews with your subject matter experts can be used to complement a whitepaper. Videos also make great vehicles for “teaser” content that entices prospects to register to download other content.

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No matter what form(s) of content you use to generate leads, your litmus test must always be: Is this information relevant and valuable enough that prospects will be happy to give me their contact information in exchange? You’ve got to give to get.

The Result: Anonymous prospects become leads

Castelazo_logoMark_CMYK (1)Pay-per-lead campaign offering whitepaper download brings leads into the sales pipeline

Castelazo_logoMark_CMYK (1)Downloadable case study generates leads

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