Lead Conversion

Customer: noun – a person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business. a.k.a.: The reason you exist.

Your prospects are leads within your sales pipeline. Now, the third step in the sales process is to convert those leads into customers.

Content can’t do all the work here. Leverage a mix of automated marketing and human-to-human selling.

Content is the backbone of an effective automated marketing strategy. Here, you are walking your leads through the sales pipeline. Giving them progressively more valuable content, targeted to their preferences. Research shows that customers get nearly 60% of the way through the buying process before they ever engage a sales person.

For 60% of your sales cycle, your content is your sales person.

In human-to-human selling, content is an enablement tool. From sales presentations and one-sheets to leave-behind case studies and whitepapers, content is the extra “oomph” your sales people need to close the deal.

How do you do that? With increasingly valuable, actionable content. Information that proves the value you offer.

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)White Papers – Effective white papers provide value to the reader. Actionable insight that helps make their lives better. As high-value assets, white papers make great lead generation and lead conversion tools.

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Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Articles  – Like “mini” versions of whitepapers, articles should provide value to the reader. Actionable insight. And when the article is published in a well-regarded publication, it adds credibility in the eyes of your prospective customers.

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Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Case Studies  – Case studies are stories that show prospective customers how you have helped a client overcome a challenge. These stories detail the challenge the client faces, the product or service you provided, and the result it generated. Effective case studies are written with all the elements of a good                                                story – characters, plot twists, beginning/middle/end structure.

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Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Videos  – Case studies can be supplemented with video interviews of the client. That can make the client feel more real, more identifiable. Video interviews with your subject matter experts can be used to complement whitepapers and articles.

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The Result: Leads become customers

Castelazo_logoMark_CMYK (1)Email campaign highlighting bylined article to prospects in the sales cycle leads to discovery calls, which lead to deals – ROI of 1300%

Castelazo_logoMark_CMYK (1)Whitepaper emailed to prospects in the sales cycle leads to discovery calls, which lead to deals – ROI of 506%

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