How We Work

Some clients hire us on an “a la carte” basis, to write one whitepaper per quarter, for example. Other clients hire us on a more engaged quarterly basis to develop a content plan, a quarterly whitepaper, and be available on-demand for content review and strategizing. If you are interested in the benefits of regular content production and prefer to do most of the content development yourself (with the exception of a quarterly whitepaper), we can create a quarterly content plan that outlines recommendations for what content to produce, on what topics, for which audiences and which outlets. We can also offer the benefit of being available on an on-demand regular basis as a sounding board and second set of eyes on the content you produce in-house. This is a good balance between doing everything yourself and turning to a partner for the most complex content development tasks (whitepapers) plus getting partner input at the strategic level (content plan).

For a number of clients, we are engaged deeply on a daily basis as their exclusive provider of content development. For the clients who use us as the sole provider of content on a regular basis, the benefits include those outlined above (establishment as a leader in the industry, increased media visibility, increased website traffic, lead generation, and lead conversion) as well as, typically, lower cost versus developing the same level of content in-house (accounting for salary, benefits, overhead, and other associated employment costs). In addition, it frees up your key marketing talent to focus on initiatives at the strategic level. And we typically find that clients get “too busy” to stay focused on regular content development when it’s exclusively in-house, but in a world in which content can be a powerful magnet drawing leads to you online and off, the higher-quality content you produce, the more often, the more prospects you’ll bring into your sales funnel.

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