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One of the most challenges companies have with content marketing is “not having enough fodder” — not knowing what to write/ speak/ tweet/ draw about.

If we were raising livestock, that would be a problem. Since we’re not, since we’re taking your thought leadership (that something about your product or service that enables you to solve your customers’ needs better than your competitors do) and using that to create engaging, compelling, actionable content that generates and converts leads, then we can take a little to make a lot.

Some call it drafting, others call it newsjacking, but the principle is that we take a little of your thought leadership and mix it in with a big dose of commentary on whatever everyone else is talking about at the moment. That allows us to produce more with less, but it also keeps you relevant in the current conversation.

Here are some great examples of drafting in action (how ‘bout them apples!):

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)The Buzz: Cloud Data Sovereignty – Microsoft Fights Government Warrant, Bank of England CIO Urges Due Diligence

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Automation, The Internet of Things and the Data Center: The Future of the Enterprise

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)Battlefield Report: Stronger Euro Defies Expectations – And Surprises Corporates


Battlefield Report: Emerging Markets the New Front Lines in Currency WarsCastelzo-Cog_web (1)


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