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You’ve got content.
But is it Castelazo Content?


The content we create is true thought leadership – your thought leadership. It positions you as a thought leader in the industry. We take your intellectual capital and translate it into a message that will resonate with your target audience.

In contrast to some writers who focus solely on telling the story (with little regard to how that story is received), we focus on communicating the message to your target audience. We follow an in-depth process to identify the target audience for any given piece of content and then to “get to know” that target audience such that the content we development resonates well with them – and, ultimately, achieves your goals.

When working with individual freelancers, you have to develop and nurture relationships with a number of writers in order to get the right kind of content to meet all of your needs (especially when you want to scale up). Because Castelazo Marketing has a network of freelance writers, we save you the hassle of developing and managing your own network of writers. And you can still count on a single, high-level, local point-person with whom you can sit down face-to-face.

Unlike many freelance writers and journalists, we take a more holistic approach that integrates content development and content marketing, driven from beginning to end by data. While we write content that readers will find engaging, we never produce content just for the sake of producing it. We always write with a specific goal in mind – one that will ultimately move the ball forward for you. Our content development strategy is always founded on data about what your prospects are looking for – what will draw them in and convert them to customers.

That holistic, full-lifecycle approach includes leveraging our deep understanding of the importance of content online as a lead generation and lead conversion tool. We stay abreast of changes in search engine algorithms, in social media networks, and in user behavior to ensure that our content development strategy works within the very fast-changing online world.

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