Content Strategy

“My play was a complete success.
The audience was a failure.”

English author Ashleigh Brilliant

The only content that’s effective is content that resonates with your audience. Period.

So content strategy begins with answering the questions: Who is my target audience? and What does my target audience care about?

Only after you’ve identified your audience and what they care about is it time to ask: How can I provide value to that target audience? What kind of valuable, actionable information are you uniquely equipped to provide to your audience? Here, your content strategy must follow three rules:

Engage. Be relevant. Provide value.

Once you’ve determined your message and your media, the next question is: Where should I publish it? Answer that question, again, by going back to your audience. What sources are they going to for their information? Go to where they are and join the conversation.

To learn more about the strategy behind effective content, and to see real-life examples, check out this presentation:

See for Yourself

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