2014 AZ Tech Council CEO Retreat

Are You a Recognized Thought Leader? (If Not, You Should Be.)

Why Thought Leadership Matters and How to Make It Happen – An Interactive Workshop


Thought leadership is content – articles, videos, blogs, social media, whitepapers, podcasts – that provides value to the reader, viewer, or listener. For companies, thought leadership content positions the company as the authority, and done right can both generate leads and convert them. People reject being sold but respond to being informed; thought leadership content that provides valuable, actionable information is the only way to market. For individuals, thought leadership content is a way to build your personal brand, and to give back by sharing your trials and triumphs with others.

This interactive workshop helps CEOs:

orange dotUnderstand the benefits of thought leadership – for your company and for you

orange dotLearn how the process of thought leadership development should work

orange dotLearn about resources that can help make thought leadership content development and               marketing easier

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