Two Time Award-Winning Content Marketing Campaign


Last year Castelazo Content created a white paper centered content marketing campaign for our client, IO. We saw such great success with the campaign that we entered it into two local awards: American Marketing Association of Phoenix Spectrum Awards and the PRSA Phoenix’s Copper Anvil Awards. And we won both!

We have been working with IO as their outsourced content strategy and development team since July 2013, strategizing and developing white papers, articles, blog posts, case studies, and social media. We built and executed this white paper-centered content marketing campaign in the second and third quarters of 2014.

At the center of the campaign is a white paper titled C-Suite Primer on Data Sovereignty & Data Custody: What You Need to Know. The white paper served as a primer for CEOs and government leaders making data center location decisions in the context of then-new data sovereignty laws. Several other content assets supported the white paper; most prominent was an IO-bylined cover story in Data Center Journal, one of the data center industry’s most read publications.

In addition we created four blog posts, published over the course of several months, pointing readers to the white paper landing page. The campaign did not include any paid search or display advertising; all of our marketing of the white paper, cover story, and blog posts was organic, primarily through Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our primary objective in this white paper-centered content marketing campaign was to generate well-qualified leads. Second to that, we aimed to generate awareness, among prospects and influencers, of IO’s advantages in mitigating data sovereignty risks.

The Results

Well-qualified leads

– The white paper generated 145 marketing qualified leads; 5.8% more leads than the site’s second-most popular resource in the second half of 2014.

– The white paper was the #1 most popular downloadable resource on in the second half of 2014.

– The white paper landing page had 9.2% more pageviews than the site’s second-most popular downloadable resource in the second half of 2014.

Broader awareness of IO’s advantages

– Data Center Journal is one of the most read data center industry publications, with a digital + print readership of more than 225,000. The cover story in that publication, ghostwritten by Castelazo Content and bylined by IO’s Bob Butler, extended the reach of the content far beyond IO’s website.

– The four ancillary blog posts we published at were among the most popular of the year, pulling in 59.4% more pageviews than the average blog post. And they were among the most engaging; on average readers spent 10.8% more time on the data sovereignty-related blog posts than on other posts.

– In addition, IO’s then-Chief Security Officer Bob Butler referenced the white paper in several public appearances; it was published on the website of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (

We would like to sincerely thank both organizations for honoring us with these awards and celebrating us (and all the winners) during this year’s awards ceremonies. Both events were obviously well thought out, well planned, and a ton of fun! And of course a HUGE shout out to our clients. Without them Castelazo Content, wouldn’t be.


Team Castelazo Content: Robin Phillips, Michaella Blake, Staci D'Aguanno, Molly Castelazo

Support Materials:

PDF of Whitepaper –

PDF of Data Center Journal Story –

Blogs on –

1. What Enterprise Execs Need to Know About Data Sovereignty & Data Custod (

2. Cloud Security & Data Sovereignty After Edward Snowden (

3. The Buzz: Cloud Data Sovereignty – Microsoft Fights Government Warrant, Bank of England CIO Urges Due Diligence (

4. Data Sovereignty: A Year After Snowden (





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In addition to her de facto role as office chef, Michaella is Castelazo Content’s in-house content creator. Her job is to create the remarkable, engaging content that helps our clients grow their businesses.

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