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We are looking to hire a full-time Senior Content Developer.

The Gist

Business is growing fast (58% this year compared to last!), and we need another content developer. We are looking for a smart, resourceful writer with 3+ years of experience writing content – articles, white papers, blog posts, case studies, et cetera – about technology. You are looking for a full-time, salaried position with a fast growing “rock star content team” (our client’s words).

About Us

The Position

This is a full-time position, with the expectation that you will typically work 40 hours per week (you know the drill: sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less). Your responsibility will be developing content – white papers, case studies, articles, blog posts, et cetera – for our clients, who are all technology companies. As you well know, the content development process involves discovery – of the client, and the target audience – and often, research. And writing, of course. (And editing – can’t forget that.)

You’ll report directly to our Chief Content Strategist. On strategy, you’ll work together with her. On execution, you’ll be expected to perform independently (you’ve been writing tech content for at least three years, after all). You won’t have any direct reports. You might, however, coordinate the work of other writers.

The Environment

Ours is a flexible work environment. For the most part, employees decide where and when they work. Some of our team members are in the office every day or nearly every day. Others are in a couple times a week. Some of us are at our desks by 5 a.m. and out by 1 p.m. Others get a later start and work until dinner. We do have weekly team lunch meetings that everyone attends – in person for everyone in the Phoenix area and via videoconference for the others. Beyond that, we care about the work getting done, and getting done well. If you prefer to do that at a Waffle House at 2:00 a.m. – have at it.

The Culture

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)We take very seriously our responsibility to deliver measurable results for our clients

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)We write to the highest quality standard, whether we’re writing an email or a client deliverable

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)As a company, we live and breathe the fact our clients are the reason we succeed

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)We consider going above-and-beyond, when necessary, an obligation to the client

Castelzo-Cog_web (1)We are open and honest in our communication (there’s no time for drama)

The Benefits

Financial compensation includes a market-competitive salary, DOE (depending on the awesomeness that you bring to the table). In addition to your salary, you will have the potential to earn a quite significant year-end bonus. (If Castelazo Content does well, it’s because we all did our part. So we all share in the rewards.)

Non-financial compensation includes health insurance; three weeks paid time off, plus major holidays (no, Columbus Day is not a major holiday); expense reimbursement (cell phone, Internet if you work remotely); and Starbucks. We drink A LOT of coffee. (Except our resident health nut, Michaella – she drinks water. Weird.)

The biggest benefit of all: Working with an amazing group of people who consider each other true teammates. And genuinely like each other. (Imagine that!) And – working with clients who are real-deal innovators, doing incredible things in technology, who highly value what we bring to the table. That’s an awesome feeling. (Plus, it keeps us around. We are still working for every single technology company we have ever signed a contract with. And we’ve been doing this for a while.)

About You

You love (and we mean love) writing and research and, above all, learning.

You are a combination of smart, scrappy, and a fast learner. (Ask Staci her first-project story.)

You love technology. (We are categorically not looking for tech geeks, just regular folk who think technology is amazing. And really fun to learn about.)

You are not a copywriter (We don’t write copy. We develop content.)

You run from drama like the plague (not thespian drama, but cattiness, pettiness, gossipy, totally-screw-with-productive-business drama).

You cannot let a misplaced apostrophe slide, whether it’s in an email or a client deliverable.

You are well organized and can manage your time. You’ve perfected the art of juggling knives while riding a unicycle. With your pants on fire.

You can work independently. At Castelazo Content, you won’t have anyone looking over your shoulder. You’re the kind of person who thinks that’s awesome (not because it means you can go watch Oprah reruns).

Your Skills

All the stuff we just said. Plus, you know your way around Word (duh, right) as well as Excel and PowerPoint. And Basecamp.

Your Education

You have a bachelor’s degree. Major no matter. Maybe you don’t have a bachelor’s degree – but then you need to be really, really awesome.

Your Experience

You’ve been writing about technology for at least three years. You might have worked within a tech company’s marketing or communications department. You might have been a journalist, or a blogger covering tech. Maybe you were a freelance writer. Wherever you got it, you have at least three years of experience developing tech content.

And…you can prove it. You have samples of the white papers, case studies, articles, blog posts, tech content et cetera that you’ve written over your 3+ years of experience. Lots of samples. And they’re amazing.

How to Apply

If and only if you meet the requirements outlined above, and think the job sounds amazing, then please do apply! Send the following to

  1. Résumé
  2. Relevant writing samples
  3. References
  4. A cover letter explaining why you’re the one we can’t live without

Castelazo Content is of course an equal opportunity employer.

Written by

In addition to her de facto role as office chef, Michaella is Castelazo Content’s in-house content creator. Her job is to create the remarkable, engaging content that helps our clients grow their businesses.

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