Effective Blog Writing Tips that Everyone Should Know

Three things you should keep in mind when writing blogs

1.Target audience – Before you even beginning writing blogs you need to ask yourself who your target audience is. Are you targeting other businesses? Consumers? Employees within your company? The reason you ask this is because the information you are providing must be relevant – to your target audience – in order for it to be effective. For example, if you sell software development services to other companies, and you’re blogging about the top smartphone apps for consumers, you’re not providing relevant content for your target audience.

2. Include links and keywords – One of the first steps in blogging is researching keywords and coming up with a list of ones you want to target (how is a whole other post, but basically it should be a balance of high-value and low competition). Once you have your keywords, include them in your content. Hyperlink them to lead readers to a page on your website, an article, or another source of valuable content. Include your keywords within your headings; that tells Google that those words are important and should be ranked higher. By using keywords in these ways you can optimize your content for the search engines, making it easier for people to find you.

3. Who cares? – By performing the “who cares” test on all of your blogs, you can ensure that the information is relevant for and valuable to your target audience. People don’t want to know how great you are, how much you despise that sports team, or how much you love your cat – they want relevant information that they can put to use.

Blog content marketing should never be . . .
Salesy – You should never, ever overtly sell your good or service in a blog. If you are too salesy, you will turn off your audience, who is smart enough to know or find out what you are selling without being hit over the head with it. By providing readers with valuable content – therefore establishing yourself as a thought leader – prospects will know where to turn when they’re ready to buy.
Focused primarily on SEO – Although one of the greatest reasons to blog is to generate SEO, you should never blog primarily for that reason. Quality should always come first. When you are focused too much on SEO and not enough on quality, you stop engaging your audience.
Stuffed with keywords – Stuffing your blog with keywords is not effective. Not only does it make your content less remarkable and engaging, Google has caught on. Depending on the length of the blog, it should consist of about 3-6 hyperlinked keywords. Try to work your blog around keywords but don’t ever force it. Like I said before, quality always comes first!

Many people get overwhelmed by the idea of blog content marketing because they don’t know where to start. My hope is that these simple tips will help alleviate some of that stress and allow your creative juices to flow. As always, remember to be remarkable and engaging! (And for more blog writing tips, check out our last blog here.)

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In addition to her de facto role as office chef, Michaella is Castelazo Content’s in-house content creator. Her job is to create the remarkable, engaging content that helps our clients grow their businesses.

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