Castelazo Content: The Story Behind the Name and the Brand

Castelazo Marketing is now Castelazo Content. We translate your insights into content that arouses your audience and delivers results. That’s what we do. Now, our name reflects it.

What started out as a company name change turned into a total brand overhaul, which turned into one of the best decisions we have made for the company. “For the first time in years, our name and our brand finally match up with what we do,” Molly says.

Over the past few years we’ve really homed in on our niche – high quality thought leadership and lead generation content for the tech and financial service industries. We wanted our name and our brand to reflect that.

In late 2013, we started our rebranding process with a brainstorming practice. We sat down with Tanya Gagnon, Branding Strategist, of Miss Details Design, and she asked us to come up with words or phrases that best fit our brand. For three writers this was no problem. Hard-working. Trustworthy. High-quality. Bridging the gap. Those were just a few on the long list. The name change was easy (“relatively!” adds Molly), but turning that list into a new brand identity was a long, fun process with lots of lessons learned and experienced earned.

But all that hard work has paid off and we couldn’t be more proud of our new brand. With new business cards, a new website, and a fresh perspective we are ready to bridge any gap we come across.

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In addition to her de facto role as office chef, Michaella is Castelazo Content’s in-house content creator. Her job is to create the remarkable, engaging content that helps our clients grow their businesses.

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